Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pre-orders of RealFlow 2014 will be available (with a 15% discount)

RealFlow 2014 Video

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As announced at FMX - there will be 3 main changes to RealFlow's product portfolio with the release of RealFlow 2014:
  1. RealFlow Node-locked  ($2500/€2000): With the release of RealFlow 2014, a new lower-priced node-locked version will be available.
  2. Added value: Standard Floating licenses will now include 1 FREE Node
  3. RealFlow RenderKit FREE and UNLIMITED 
RealFlow Product Manager Gustavo Sanchez:
Our objective is to make RealFlow as accessible as possible. We hope that this node-locked version will open RealFlow up to a host of new users.
We are also keen to add value at every opportunity, hence including a free node for floating-license customers and opening the RenderKit up to everybody.
We want to equip artists with the tools they need to be able to create quality work and excel in an ever-competitive environment.
RealFlow 2014 is the latest version of Next Limits award-winning fluid simulation software which has been the definitive fluid tool in the market for over 16 years.
This latest version focuses on usability - with enhancements to the UI and also introduces the much-anticipated feature: Viscosity in Hybrido2, amongst others.
Check out the latest teaser videos HERE
RealFlow 2014 is due out VERY soon but final date has not been confirmed.
Pre-launch SALE
Starting: Tuesday 29th April
Pre-orders of RealFlow 2014 will be available (with a 15% discount) either direct or via one of Next Limit's approved RealFlow Resellers.

 Next Limit Technologies was founded in 1998 and their corporate headquarters are in Madrid, Spain. They have gained a worldwide reputation for the quality and power of their software simulation tools.
For further information, detailed product specifications, logos and images contact: katie.norris@nextlimit.com

 WedLine : http://www.nextlimit.com/

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