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不用編程的 免費 3D遊戲製作工具Ray Game Designer 2 engine!

不用編程的 免費 3D遊戲製作工具Ray Game Designer 2!

官方网址 : http://eicart.free.fr/rgd2/us/index.htm

Free 免費! 可商業用!

Here are the main caracteristics of the games you can create with RGD2:

    * 3 rendering modes: OpenGL, Direct3D and Software-only (for quite old PC)
    * All windows rendering resolutions supported, windowed and fullscreen
    * Anaglyphic rendering mode available (OpenGL & Software modes): renders stereoscopic frames in realtime, for RED/GREEN glasses
    * Stereo sound
    * Music formats: MP3,MP2,WAV,MID,MOD,S3M,IT,XM
    * Video formats: AVI (Windows codecs) or MPEG
    * "Clean" software: does not use registry keys, and don't install files in the Windows system folders.
    * Infinite number of levels
    * Infinite number of savegames
    * Works on any Windows version


Here are the main features of the RGD2 engine:

    * Levels are built upon tile banks. Each bank can define up to 256 objects, and each game can use any number of banks.
    * Each tile has a lot of properties: medikit, weapon, gravity field, door, key ...
    * Tiles can be a texturized cube, or a 3D mesh.
    * Simple scripting language which allows you to assign a behaviour to a tile. It is possible to create some complex traps, lifts, ennemies, friends ...
    * The map editor allows you to create your levels using tile banks. You can stretch cubic tiles, and a lot of building tools help you to easily create complex architectures.
    * Possibility to launch clips when the player goes through a particular place, or by script.Clips can be music, sound effect, static image, video file or even 3D cutscene.
    * Levels are built on the * schema: each level can have one or several exits to other levels.
    * Persistent world: when modifications are made in a level (door opened, blocs moved), these modifications are still present when the player comes back later in the level.
    * The numer of saved game position can be infinite, or restricted: some games would be too easy if the user could save at any point, and other ones would definitely need this feature.
    * Player inventory divided into weapons and other objects.
    * A lot of parameters can be defined: game window title, position and shape of the game counters, overlay bitmap, size of the player, ...
    * Multilinguism: provided by default in French & English languages, it is possible to translate the whole system (game + editors) just by modifying some text files.

RGD 2 is provided with the following tools:

    * An animated texture bank definition tool
    * A DXF object import tool, which allows you to paint your meshes using a texture bank, and to save it into the RGD2 3D object file format.
    * A tile bank editor, which allows you to define all the parameters of a bank: caracteristics & shapes of the tiles, rules, clips, scripts, hero shape ...
    * A map editor
    * A global parameters setting tool
    * The game player (OpenGL, D3D, Software)
    * A delpoying tool


The v1.01 release is available for download. Here is what is now planned:

   1. Creation of a complete tutorial
   2. Updates of RGD2

Here is a list of the next modifications to RGD2:

    * Add a "climbable" property to the tiles, which will allow to easily create climbing walls or ladders
    * Add the Golem notion
    * Add some dialogs features

Revision history

    * Translated some missing english labels
    * Swaped the texture button and the 3D object painter button
    * Fixed the bug when the player was carrying a medikit while trying to activate a level or to push a block (the medikit was used and the action was performed)
    * Performance increase when loading a tile bank or a level
    * Fixed the camera movement when the player starts a level
    * Fixed some collision bug (mobiles, player, level tiles)
    * Changes in the engine to support a future tile property called "Golem"
    * Added the game name to the RGD2 title bar
    * Fixed a bug when saving a bank which definition file exceeds 64 kb
    * Fixed some bugs when saving the game parameters (empty values were overrided by default values)

1.00     First release


獨立遊戲(Indie Game)這個名詞雖然是近幾年才開始被廣泛使用,不過由業餘創作者或小型工作室自行製作遊戲發布或販賣的模式可是早就存在。 
在日本數位遊戲學會(DiGRA JAPAN)的網站中,我發現了一篇演講簡報檔,對於日本的獨立遊戲開發環境有著深入的分析,雖然是2008年時發表的舊文件,時至今日依然相當具有參考價值,亦很適合台灣借鏡。 




日本遊戲廠商bushiroad上週推出了一款以《蠟筆小新》劇場版為題的手機遊戲《蠟筆小新:風起雲湧!烈焰的春日部Runner(クレヨンしんちゃん 嵐を呼ぶ 炎のカスカベランナー!!) 》,是一款老少咸宜的輕鬆動作跑酷遊戲。


クレヨンしんちゃん 嵐を呼ぶ 炎のカスカベランナー!!



•位於iPhone 5頂端開關/睡眠鍵

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